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‘ I had gone to Mark’s studio in Fromes Hill, to collect a painting that I had seen on his website. I hadn’t realised that Mark also produced abstract work. Whilst waiting for my purchase to be wrapped I noticed a series of abstract paintings that I had assumed were by somebody else. Only after drawing attention to them I was told that they were indeed originals by Mark himself. They were perfect for my new lounge decor. I went to buy one painting and came away with four. Highly recommended.
— Alex Winstone, Worcester
Golden Flame II.jpg

I first saw Mark’s work at an exhibition in Hinckley, Leicestershire. I would visit each week to view his works secretly wishing that I could have a painting done of myself. On the final week of the exhibition, I finally plucked up courage to talk to Mark. He made me feel so at ease and shared with me the process of creating a painting from a photo shoot that he would do based on my requirements. We discussed some ideas and pencilled in a date. I was so nervous, but Mark made me feel so relaxed, by the end of the session I had completely forgot that I was naked. We went through all the photograph’s together until I had found the right one for the painting. Six weeks later, I went to collect the painting. It was so good, I was thrilled that I had the courage to go through with it. It sits proudly on my bedroom wall and each day I wake up and say to myself ‘ That’s me!
— Debbie Shellard, Wigston.

(No image, as Debbie did not want this publicised)

I always wanted a painting of myself that I could hang with pride without being embarrassed. Although I was nervous about taking my clothes off. Mark made me feel relaxed and at ease. The end result exceeded my expectations. I not only love the painting as a piece of art, it makes me feel great about myself and my body. In fact I liked it so much I commissioned a second
— Jane Richardson, Leicester
Jane III.jpg

“After seeing Marks work at an exhibition in Bedford, I was keen to have a painting done of myself. I was able to discuss with Mark certain changes I wanted to make, leave the wrinkles out, or add a bit on to my boobs. The end result was exactly what I wanted. It puts a whole new perspective on how to look good naked…and it’s cheaper than plastic surgery or Botox! Mark has a great way of making you feel comfortable whilst taking pictures that he can work from. I enjoyed it so much that I have modelled for him on numerous occasions. Great experience!”
— Julie Chambers, Bedford

“I always liked the idea of having a painting of my wife and having met Mark at his gallery in Bedford I was convinced that he was the right man for the job. He made us both feel comfortable about the idea and process. Mark took photographs in our home and we selected the right image we thought would work as a painting. Having viewed a selection of his work we decided on the size and style. What was intended as a painting for our bedroom now sits proudly in our dining room. It’s a great conversation piece and my wife loves it!”
— Paul Smith, London
Leather Jacket B & W.jpg

“After seeing Mark’s work, I thought a painting would make a nice gift for my girlfriend. She had some makeover pictures done some time ago and it was one of these that I chose for Mark to paint. I would have preferred her to model in the flesh so to speak, but as this was a surprise gift - that sort of rules live modelling out! It was a visit to Mark’s house that he unveiled the picture and all the secrecy was worth it when she saw the painting for the first time”
— Carl Anderson, Cheshire
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